The first pier at Alum Bay was a wooden structure built in 1869 but had worn out by the mid 1870s so a second pier was built in 1887. This was a very popular attraction but was declared unsafe in 1925. A severe storm in 1927 took out a middle section which was never replaced.

The snapshot left shows what remained of the shore half of the pier in 1948, a few years later all that remained were a few of the posts.






Situated overlooking the Solent at Colwell Bay, Brambles Chine Holiday Camp opened around 1935 and continued operating until 1970 when it closed due to the increasing popularity of self-catering holidays and foreign package holidays. The site was sold to CRAH Construction who began building self catering bungalows around 1972 which were sold on leaseholds to private buyers.

Left: the cover of the 1955 brochure. 

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Taken around 1948 these photos show two of the two-man cycles which were available for hire to campers.

Above outside the main building which housed the offices, a maple sprung dance floor, bar, snack bar and games room. The board at the front reads: "Never a Dull Moment at Brambles".

One of the chalet "Squares".
A familiar sight to visitors at Brambles were these barn doors along Monks Lane on the way to the camp. Here in 1974 they were already deteriorating and were replaced with plain doors a few years later


Two friends stop for their photo in High Street Freshwater around 1948.  The same viewpoint in 2014. On the left the houses have changed little over the years, the only real difference being the addition of a pavement. While on the right a number of houses have been demolished and replaced by flats, just visible behind the blue car. Also there does not appear to have been any street lighting back then.