Tower bridge  

Around the late 1940's from the Tower of London.

October 1981 from outside the Tower Hotel by
St Catherine's Dock.

Royal Victoria Patriotic Building
Initially built for the education of orphaned girls of soldiers, seamen and marines killed in the Russian War. It was originally named The Royal Victoria Patriotic Asylum and later The Royal Victoria Patriotic School (R.V.P.S.), known by former pupils as the "Pat School". By the First World War it had been renovated and became The South Western General Hospital with a temporary railway station built for wounded troops. The school reopened after the war until 1939 when the girls were evacuated to Wales. In 1946 the school moved to Bedwell Park near Hatfield Hertfordshire.
It was used as a MI5 clearing station during the Second World War and had several changes of use after the war. Parts were closed in the 1950s due to poor structural condition and finally vacated in the 1970s. The building was vandalised and deteriorated further and was sold to a property company in 1980 and is now a mix of flats, studios and workshops.

Left, a rather grainy photo taken sometime in the 1920s.

Above, an aerial photo taken around 1950 the railway visible at the top.
Some snapshots from the 1920s of some members of staff.

The chapel. Left circa 1930, and right in the mid fifties on an old girls reunion day.